Jewelry Care

Here are some of the best & most simple tips I’ve learned over the years as a jewelry artistan.
I hope you find them helpful, as they will help extend the life of your jewelry and keep them energetically charged up for you.


I'm all about building relationships with our stone friends, and that includes the jewelry talismans they are crafted into. Here are a few simple things I encourage you to try.

-If you have an altar and it feels appropriate, lay your jewelry on your altar. Ask that it be charged up to it's highest potency (or use whatever wording feels right to you... get creative!). Thank it for choosing to work with you, be with you. Ask for any messages it may carry for you. Be open to receiving them. Ask it what it might want, need. Again, be open to whatever comes up. You can light a candle or fumigate it with some incense while it lays on your altar. Speak about what you would like help with from this specific piece.

-Lay it out on a windowsill to soak up the moonlight. Speak your intentions to your jewelry. Be careful exposing stones to sunshine for an extended time... it can literally change and weaken the color of some stones!

-Let your talisman wash in running water. A quick dip in the ocean, river, lake, stream, even the kitchen sink will work. Please note though... some stones like Selenite I wouldn't get wet. Most stones are ok with a quick rinse and then patted dry. The biggest thing (for me) is to ASK THEM. Yes, literally talk to your stone friends and talismans. Remember, we are building relationships with these beings. And we are most definitely NOT the bosses of these ancient wise beings. You can find more details on getting stones wet (and other witchy stuff) here in my private free Magical Gemporium group.


When you are not wearing your jewelry, you can keep it in a jewelry box with a tarnish resistant lining. If you are traveling, an airtight plastic baggie (stored inside a box) will work great too. Keeping your jewelry out in the open air over time will tarnish your silver jewelry. So will storing it with other types of metal jewelry (this will tarnish it super quick!).


A lot of my jewelry has my signature intricate vine & coiled wire work, and is wrapped with yards and yards of fine gauge wire and magical swirls and twirls and secret nooks and crannies. Due to it’s intricate nature of this type of wrapping, your jewelry is prone to snagging on fuzzy sweaters or open-weave type shirts. Please take care when wearing your jewelry and treat it as a sacred extension of yourself. Because, after all, it IS.


Note that body lotions, oils, etc can quicken the tarnishing on your sterling silver jewelry as well.



Silver will tarnish. Fact. Some of the pieces I offer are already (purposefully) oxidized/blackened and then polished to give them an antique look and feel. An easy non toxic way to shine up your jewelry is to make a simple paste from water and baking soda and rub in around on your jewelry piece between your fingers. A toothbrush or cloth could also be gently used with the baking soda paste. For a super high polished shine, you can purchase silver jewelry cleaning cloths from most local supermarkets or the amazing-has-everything-maybe-even-unicorns



I am happy to repair your jewelry for a reasonable charge. Please do not attempt to repair it yourself. If I find that the damage is due to an error in my craftsmanship, I will of coarse repair or replace your jewelry free of charge. I can also make adjustments to your jewelry (chain length, added charms, etc.) Please email with any repair requests or adjustment needs.


 If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me… I am here for you.