About Me

Here is exactly who & where I am right here and now….


Hi. I’m Amber Bryce. I’m a Talisman Sorceress.
I conjure gorgeous, potent, talismanic jewelry.
I am a gemstone whisperer. Literally.
A Sorceress.

A Seer. A fierce Listener. A Lover.                                           

I use my knowing + the power of the frequencies and energies of the things in our world to create living, vibing jewelry talismans that helps you get to where you want to be by calling in precisely what you need to move forward and awaken your own magic.


My talismans help close the gap between what your soul knows as truth and the sabotaging fuckery your brain is telling you.

You can feel it when you look through my pieces and THE ONE zings you, gives you full body chills, plants a solid KNOWING right in your gut, or gives you those intuitive flashes that scream PICK ME. I'M YOURS.

From the moment I start sourcing new gemstones to work with to the last minute a finished piece leaves my hands to ship to you, I'm working my magic. Welcoming rituals to new stone friends. Enchanting the Moonstones I close every necklace with. Acknowledging Silvers' part in Alchemy, moon rituals when new silver comes in. Safe landing spells on all packages that go out; extra goes into international ones. And my favorite of them all, enchanting each piece so that they find the person they'd like to be with, to work with, to build a relationship with. THAT is part of why you feel a big ZING when you are drawn to one of my talismans. And, you are highly intuitive and these wise stones have a way of pulling that to the forefront.

I believe in magic. I believe in the power of the energy in every-single-thing around us. I believe WE are powerful beings. I believe in the power & freeing-ness of truth-telling, our sacred truths. I believe we've been suppressed, conditioned to stuff down our most sacred truths. I believe we've been groomed to downplay or outright disown our gifts and powers.

I also believe it's time to take that fucking shit back.

I am an active practitioner of magic. I make magic every single fucking day. I work with energy + frequencies every single day (we all do, whether you believe in that or not because science). With the stone people I have the honor to create with, and the humans I have the honor to create for. The pieces I conjure have meaning and magic and are also luxurious, high quality works of art. They each have a story to tell, powers to invoke. It’s all about the FEELING. Trust that feeling, that initial visceral reaction you get while browsing my jewelry or interacting with other stone friends. It will not lead you wrong.

My jewelry conjurings are powerful reminders, anchors and talismans of one simple fact:

YOU. Are. Sacred. Magic.

Want more magic in your life? Join my sacred inner circle "Ambers Magical Gemporium" here.

You'll have access to me personally + new jewelry fresh off my bench before it goes live on my website. We talk about all things magic and how to bring more into your everyday life. I share rituals, do community rituals, and sometimes I even teach classes. Come play... we'd love to have you!