PHOENIX talismans No. 001 in the monthly talisman subscription box

It's almost here!! The first edition in my magical talisman subscription boxes!


These fierce beauties were begging to be {re}birthed after the year 2020 has been.  For me, yes, but I feel it for us as a collective.


This has been a YEAR ya'll, WHEW.


These Phoenix {re}birth Talismans will help incinerate any remaining pieces that need to fucking GO.


We're burning it ALL THE FUCK DOWN.


Emptying out the leaky containers.


Plugging up and reinforcing the holes.


And filling back in with the things that serve + nourish us so that we can RISE.


If you KNOW you would like one, they will be available for pre-order, with conjuring starting early January.


These will be very similar talismans visually, but you know I ultimately listen to the stone peoples wisdom so of course each will have their own personality and are subject to change!


Email all questions to and I will get back with you.