Custom Soul Signature Talisman 1:1 Experience

A deeply intimate experience that translates your superpowers into a completely custom piece of luxurious powerhouse jewelry, brought to life with literal MAGIC. This talisman is a physical, visual reminder of your most badass selfAn anchor to keep you grounded in your magic and powers so you can do the big things you are here to do. A bridge to access the powerful future version of yourself. An elixer with the magical materia + ingredients you need emobdy this self. A talisman that helps you remember and access your innate BIGNESS.

Purchasing this will get you:

-A soul sync session via email or messenger where we intuit what you most need/want/desire.

-A Gemstone "blueprint" {pictures of the stones I pull for you} of your completely customized piece of powerhouse jewelry to ensure everything feels right.

-Deep, delicious, soulfully interactive 1:1 support via email or messenger during this 4 week process. It's very normal for big old things, patterns, habits, unwanted behaviors etc to come to surface, as we're completely shaking up + un-fucking your old paradigms. I'm here to witness, hold space, re-direct and nurture as these new seeds are planted. I will be your future-self doula through this, helping you birth the vision of this badass version of you.

-A luxurious gemstone and sterling silver necklace that embodies who you are at a soul level and who you are BECOMING, EMBODYING.

Within 24 hours of completing checkout, I will send you an email or message in messenger to start your Soul Sync session, with a short questionnaire to get things rolling. Let the magic begin!