Customized Your Big 3 Zodiac Talisman

I am so excited to announce I'll be keeping this as a signature offering! This feels like such a deliciously potent GIFT to give yourself. 
Purchasing this offering will get you:

-A custom talisman with gemstones handpicked to energetically match YOUR big 3 zodiacs. Sun, Moon, Rising/Ascendant.Here is a link to discover yours if you don't already know! I'm happy to help with this too....

-I will be energetically activating and enchanting your talisman before it ships out to you.

-Photo of my own personal big 3 Zodiac talisman that I conjured for Lion’s Gate is in this listing.

Your talisman will have a trio of stones representing your big 3 zodiacs + made of Sterling Silver + genuine Gemstones. 

*Please note- this talisman is an energetic blueprint custom to YOU + your zodiacs and I’ll be handpicking each and every gemstone accordingly. This is NOT for you if you want a specific set of colors + stones or want to micromanage how it looks aesthetically. 

This ABSOLUTELY IS for you if….

-You have some big goals you are flowing towards right now, personal or biz wise

-You are ready to trust your own inner knowings deeper than ever 

-You’ve been feeling some wild energy bubbling up and are ready to jump on + ride that ish

-You’re wanting to explore past the edges of what the next iteration of yo badass self looks/feels like. 
If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to email me!