Custom Soul Signature Jewelry Talisman... The MINI

An intimate experience that translates your superpowers into a completely custom piece of luxurious powerhouse jewelry, brought to life with literal MAGIC. This talisman is a physical, visual reminder of your most badass selfAn anchor to keep you grounded in your magic and powers so you can do the big things you are here to do. A bridge to access the powerful future version of yourself. An elixer with the magical materia + ingredients you need emobdy this self. A talisman that helps you remember and access your innate BIGNESS.

Purchasing this will get you:

-A MINI soul sync session via email or messenger where we intuit what you most need/want/desire. This

-A Gemstone "blueprint" {pictures of the stones I pull for you} of your completely customized piece of powerhouse jewelry to ensure everything feels right.

-Correspondence via email or messenger for light support or questions during this 2 week process. It's very normal for big old things, patterns, habits, unwanted behaviors etc to come to surface. I'm here to witness, hold space, listen and nurture as these new seeds are planted.

***In this Level 1 option, light support equals approximately 20 minutes of messaging support on whatever comes up for you. In this option, it is much more hands off on your end, and not as much back and forth between us. You are allowing me to tune in, work my magic, and intuit for you. If you are looking for deeper support and added layers of magical workings, consider the Level 2 option here***

-A luxurious gemstone and sterling silver necklace that embodies who you are at a soul level and who you are BECOMING, EMBODYING.

Within 24 hours of completing checkout, I will send you an email or message in messenger to start your Soul Sync session, with a short questionnaire to get things rolling. Let the magic begin!