I’m an Intuitive Jeweler and Talisman Conjurer. I create living, vibing gemstone jewelry that honors your most sacred self and anchors you in your superpowers.

I believe that YOU are sacred. That I AM sacred. That we are born with an innate knowing of everything we will ever need to know about ourselves and how to operate in this world. I believe in the constant journey to your truth, the light AND the dark, and
chasing what feels good. I believe in the power of love, magic,
and the word fuck.


❛❛  Here is where I’m supposed to have some fancy bio that I paid someone
an ass load of money to write and make me look like THE pro in my field.
Tell my rags to riches story. My terrible misaligned past that brought me to
my fantastically magical perfect fucking future.

 Here’s the thing.

Who really cares?! No, I mean seriously! If you wanna know about my past history as a jeweler and how I used to shove my jewelry down celebrities throats hoping to make it big, follow me on facebook. Get to know me more intimately there. I talk about A LOTTTTT there. I get personal. Probably TOO personal for some. But, that’s ME.

Here is what I’ve got, and here is exactly who & where I am right here and now.


I conjure powerful, potent, talismanic jewelry.

I am a gemstone whisperer. Literally.

A Sorceress.

A Seer. A fierce Listener. And Lover.

I use the power of the frequencies and energies of the things in our world to create personal, soulful jewelry that helps you get to where you want to be by calling in the goodness you need to move forward.


I believe in magic. I believe in the power of the energy in every-single-thing around us. I believe WE are powerful beings. I believe in the power & freeing-ness of truth-telling. I believe we are all just doing the best we can in any given moment. But I also believe we have the capacity to be better, do better. I believe super hardcore in AND/AND. I believe in being able to change our minds, even on the big fucking stuff. ESPECIALLY on the big fucking stuff. <<<LAWD YESSSSS.

I am an active practitioner of magic. I make magic every single fucking day. I work with energy every single day (um, we all do, whether you believe in that or not). With the stone people I have the honor to create with, and the humans I have the honor to create for. The pieces I conjure have depth and meaning, they each hold a vibrational frequency. They each also have a story to tell, which beautifully enough is how many people choose which talisman is right for them. It’s all about the FEELING. Trust that feeling, that initial visceral reaction you get while browsing my jewelry or interacting with other stone friends. It will not lead you wrong, I promise.

Every piece of jewelry I create is founded in:

✪ Energetic Intent + Purpose.

✪ Energy + Frequency.

✪ Sacred Harnessing of Soul + Power.

To serve you, I promise:

✪ To accept Divine Downloads.

✪ To trust Sacred Knowings.

✪ To continue living with Magnificent Magic.

My jewelry creations are powerful reminders, anchors and talismans of one simple fact:

YOU. Are. Sacred.

Amber Bryce

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