Holy fuck I’m 37

A few days ago I turned 37 in human years. On Halloween. Yep, Halloween baby. I’m blissfully OK with aging. It is a sacred gift. A gift that some are denied. And the truth is that most days it feels like I have been here much incredibly longer, in my bones, in my cells. As in, hundreds of years longer. Weird? Maybe. But I’ve always felt this, along with a feeling, a knowing, a quiet understanding, of worlds & beings other than what we know. And an innate glimpse of how time might actually work, which is not quite linear at all. I believe these things are so much more complex than we can begin to fathom. Yet if we listen, if we quiet the chatter, the outter, if we sink deep into our bones, there it is. That feeling. That knowing. That we can’t put our finger on, can’t put words to that make much sense. But there it is. I like to trust that, whatever it is. It’s intrinsic. It’s ancestral. Ancient Wisdom, passed down through a sacred un-see-able network. I like to live & lead my life through that. I also know that the more you trust in this, this bone-soul-knowing, the stronger it gets. The louder it gets. The more easy it becomes to call upon it. It walks around with you like an energetic shield, swirling throughout and all around your being. Don’t get me wrong, it is never something outside of you, separate from you. It IS you. Promise.