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Shaman Dream Stone talisman

This bad birch is here to be an ally for your Journey. Incredible for all Dream + Journey work, both waking dreams and sleeping.

Big picture vision work, that long game manifesting and calling in your desires. You know… the stuff you’re almost afraid to admit you want?? Yea, THAT. {Hiii, i’m talking to myself here too}

These are here to help steady you through it all, illuminate next steps, and hold tight to faith that it will all unfold in the most deliciously divine way.

She's ready to burn shit DOWN.

✪ Lodolite {aka Shaman Dream Stone}

✪ Emerald

✪ Amethyst

✪ Green Tourmaline

✪ Ethiopian Welo Opal

✪ Pink Tourmaline

✪ Imperial Topaz

✪ All components are .925 Sterling Silver

✪ 17″ with a 1.5" extender chain