Rainbow Obsidian necklace

I wish you could see this powerhouse in person… see this Rainbow Obsidian the way i’m seeing her up close, when I hold her and get to observe her, slowly, at every angle.

Because photos + videos are not doing it. She’s tricksies. See below for more pics. 

She has incredible depth and ringlets of shifting moods {colors}; she appears like a frosted over frozen lake, unless you get the chance, the honor, for closer examination, and you can see beyond her frosted exterior layer, and get a glimpse of the multitude of her waves and wisdom and warmth and vulnerability.

Much like me. Damn.

{Maybe I should keep this one. Hmm}

✪ Rainbow Obsidian

✪ Hypersthene

✪ Ethiopian Welo Opal

✪ All components are .925 Sterling Silver

✪ 17″ with a 1.5" extender chain