I see the Moon and the Moon sees me.

I used to be a night owl. Mainly because I had severe & chronic insomnia. Though I grew to like the couple hours of quiet at night, when everyone else was tucked in bed. Crickets & nocturnal creatures out, singing & lurking. Stars bright & high in the sky. It was a nice time of relaxing & centering for me. Until my body was exhausted & ready to sleep but insomnia fuckery declined me that sleep. Then it was no fun.

Most nights now, since my sleeping patterns are more on point, and insomnia is way less frequent, I’m in bed by 10. 9:30, when I can. And even 9:00 on a rare treat. So I don’t get the same nocturnal pleasures as before. I’m so …..busy….. getting ready for bed I forget.

I forget that when I walk just a bit beyond our deck, beyond the surrounding ancient & hovering trees, that there are gajillion stars. Not just the handfuls we see sitting on the deck. They are endless. ENDLESS. I forget that when I get near the barn I can see the Milky Way beaming across the sky, carrying stars like sweet little flowers strewn in her hair. I forget how close the bellowing frogs sounds, and how wonderfully deafening the crickets chirp & taunt the frogs. And how brilliant of a light show the fireflies put on.

I witnessed this all tonight though, thanks be to forgetting to tuck the chicken ladies up in their coup at 8. I was literally awe struck at it all. How warm & familiar it all was from years of star gazing & dreaming & wondering, just staring up at that sky. My sky. Your sky. We all stare at the same sky. Yet completely mesmerized & dumbfounded by its beauty & immensity. Too much for a mind to begin to fathom. But that doesn’t stop our desires to want to know more, to understand, to crave that Universal connection only star gazing can provide. To feel so damn small & so damn powerful and magic at the same time.

We are all of starstuff, yeah? And, I see you.

Amber under Moon