Energy hygiene, the simple way.

Its humid & warm today. Doing a little tinkering in the studio, some tidying up both energetically & physically. I want to be sure to take care & clear all of the spaces/places I spend time in, now that I’m feeling my funk lift. This wasn’t an absolutely terrible or long funk, just a bit more than a week. But it’s an important part of energy hygiene (for me)….. following through with the work, the clearing, cleansing, centering, and then the energizing, the refilling, from your cells & your core flowing straight through to the actual spaces you spend time in.

Today this has looked like dusting & cleaning the windows (clearing & clarity), burning some sweetgrass & palo santo incense, strategically rearranging crystals & talismans until things felt good & right, and finishing off with lighting a candle, intentionally burning off any remaining funk residue.

Loads of chants & intentions circulating through and out of me as I do this all. Old sacred chants that live in my soul, and made up ones that fly out, like….”fuck the fuck on off funky ass bullshit, I’m over you.” But that’s really about it. Seems simple, eh? It honestly can be. Try this for yourself. Gather whatever supplies you have on hand that you are feeling pulled to… need to make special trips or spend loads of money. Use incense, candles, sage, essential oils, seriously…..whatever you have on hand….paper and pen, leaves, twigs, acorns, things you find outside. Make it all about the intentions you are setting here. What do you need to breath in right now? What do you need to release? What do you need to burn to the fucking ground? What do you need to build anew? Hold these thoughts and intentions close as you take care to light your incense or candle. Breath in and imbibe what you want. Let it really sink in and completely fill your cells. Push out and release what you do not want. Both with your breath and a physical motion. Shake that shit the fuck off. Repeat as needed. Done.

Amber Bryce